Our Specialties

We are here to support and treat most mental health symptoms. Our team specializes in a number of areas including:


                                                      Autism Spectrum Disorder                         Medication Management

                                                      Domestic Violence                                       Mood Disorder(s)
                                                      Grief and Loss                                               Parenting

                                                      Juvenile Offenders/Court-                         Personality Disorders

                                                      Ordered Treatment                                      Pregnancy, Prenatal, Postpartum

                                                      Juvenile Sexual Abuse/NOJOS                Transgender/Transition

                                                      LGBTQQIA+ & Gender Issues​                     Trauma/PTSD

We are committed to providing the best therapy and mental health services for clients of all ages with evidence-based interventions, including individual, couples, family, group therapy and medication management. We work with our clients to develop treatment plans that meet your needs and focus on your priorities. Our therapists are trained in many different treatment modalities, all of them shown through research to be effective in helping our clients be successful. Our therapists are always learning new ways to help you. 

At LifeMatters Counseling, we want to help you to live your best life

because every life matters. 

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